Enero 7, 2014

The Dangers in Drinking Too Much Softdrinks

I found this interesting infogram on facebook pages that is definitely worth sharing. This infogram is all about the health risks of drinking too much softdrinks. Softdrinks can be considered as one of the most common and widely consumed beverages today, with some people drinking without knowing the negative effects of softdrinks in our body.

After seeing this graphic, I urge you to stop from drinking too much softdrinks at the same time share this relevant health information to your  family and friends.

Here's a message by a nine year-old Chip Gatmaytan on drinking too much softdrinks:

"Please stop drinking soft drinks because soft drinks are not healthy for you and they have a lot of dangerous things in it that can harm you and make you sick,". Chip campaigns against the consumption of sugary drinks, particularly soft drinks, because of their negative effects.